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Alma Sarrubbi nèe Robiati

Alma was Augusto's dear companion for fifty-nine years.
In his book "Ricordi Immagini Pensieri" there are some poems that cover the beginning of this love: "Un dono dal mondo dello Spirito" (Asmara, January 1941) and "Un matrimonio di guerra" (Asmara, June 1941).
In a poem entitled "Alma Adorata" published in the book " Pensieri su Dio, l'Uomo, il mondo"their life together is remembered: "…you were the passion of the green years, you are the tenderness of the grey years…."

They met in Asmara in Eritrea during the war in 1941.

Alma went to Eritrea as a young girl in the mid-thirties when Eritrea was still an Italian colony. Her family was made up of her mother Augusta Falquier, Swiss, and her father Ettore Sarrubbi (Neapolitan), three sisters Mercedes, Vittoria, Carmen and three brothers Umberto, Ettore and Gillo.

Her father Ettore lived for several years in Paris in France where he was a cadet pilot with the famous aviator Chavez. After the marriage he moved to Montreux, Switzerland where he met his companion Augusta. His daughter Carmen inherited his passion for flying and was one of the first women to do soaring. Carmen was killed due to complications on landing.

After a few years spent in Como, all the family moved to Eritrea, where Ettore took part in military aviation. He died at Asmara at the age of seventy two and was buried in the cemetry of Forte Baldissera that overlooks the city of Asmara.

After having met Augusto, Alma married in the Cathedral of Asmara on 8th June, 1941. From their marriage they had Vittorio, twins Anna Maria, Maria Grazia, and then Giuseppe. The years after the war were very difficult, as can be read in the biographic books found on the web site, and Alma was a great help to Augusto, encouraging him to overcome those moments, difficult both in Eritrea and in Italy after their return in 1962, when they had to start again from the beginning.

Alma now lives in Monza with her memories looked after by her children and grandchildren.


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