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Anna Maria Robiati

Anna Maria was born in Eritrea where she spent her childhood.

Her youthful years spent in Asmara and Massaua were wonderful. These were years when there was no television or radio so life was lived with great simplicity close to nature.

Due to her studies at the Sant'Anna Institute, once she returned to Italy she found work in Italian companies.

With the beginning of the guerrilla warfare caused by the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia in the 60's, Anna Maria returned to Italy where she found work in various national firms specializing in the managing of Personnel affairs. He worked for 37 years with great diligence, having managerial positions as "head of personnel" of large textile companies. First in Milan and Muggiò, then Rimini and Como and once again in Muggiò where she then retired.

Anna Maria has lived in Monza for several years. She has dedicated most of her free time to cultural activities, in particular to the "Circle of Artists of Monza and Brianza" of which she is now Vice President. The Circle is an important Cultural Association in Monza of which the Poet Maria Organtini is President.

Anna Maria made her choice in life of not having her own family, dedicating part of her time to her parents Augusto and Alma for whom she has cared with great dedication and love.

She also closely follows her Aunt Enrica (her father Augusto's sister) who today is nearing the venerable age of a hundred and lives in a home for elderly people in Milan.

Her free time is also dedicated to playing cards in a bridge circle.

She has made numerous trips to many parts of the earth and this experience has made her rather feel a "Citizen of the World".

Anna Maria passed on in Monza on 16th August 2006.

newsletter n° 16 - del 02/12/2006


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