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Prof. Alessandro Bausani

Augusto met Alessandro Bausani in 1962 as soon as he returned from East Africa. They were both elected as members of the first National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahà'ì followers in Italy.
Alessandro Bausani was an extraordinary Academic as can be seen from the notes below. Between the two a relationship of great friendship was established despite the great cultural diversity; Augusto being a man in the field and Bausani a great Academic, member of the Accademia dei Lincei. They were both keen on the truth and research.
They held together some conferences at the Accademia Tiberina. They were both fond of a good laugh and often during their meetings they would end up in uncontrollable sessions of dying from laughter. Alessandro Bausani wrote the beautiful introduction to Augusto's book "L'Islam e il Corano".
Their friendship continued up to Bausani's premature passing on which was for Augusto an enormous personal loss. He continued to hold dear his memory of the times spent with Bausani and he often spoke about them with his family. Now they are certainly together in those worlds of God in which they both firmly believed.
In the photograph they are together at one of their many conferences.

Professor of Languages and Persian Literature firstly and then of Islamic studies at "La Sapienza" University in Rome; tenured university lecturer of History of the Religions and Professor of Middle and Far East History and Philosophy at the University of the Oriental in Naples; national Member of the Accademia dei Lincei. A profound expert of the Oriental world and a linguist of a rare philological insight, " of a refined literary sensitivity and religious historian" (F. Gabrieli), " he had an encyclopaedic culture…..But in his profession he made use of it as a modest, necessary initiation to the world in which he dealt, well aware of its complexity and multi-sidedness. He acted upon a choice. He preferred not to complete a single question if this lead to the ignoring of other problems….He believed in the possibility of having new ideas such to make topical any discovery that could become usable on the economy of our lives (B.M. Scarcia Amoretti).
An author of numerous volumes, here are a few mentioned: The entire bibliography is found in "La bisaccia dello Sheikh", Venice 1981: "Corano" translated from Arabic, Florence 1955 - "Testi religiosi zoroastriani". Rome 1957 - "Persia Religiosa, da Zaratustra a Bahà'u'llàh", Milan 1959 - "Storia della letteratura persiana", Florence - Milan 1960 - "Buddha", Chiasso 1973 - "L'Islam", Milan 1980.


1) "la Fede baha'i e l'unità del genere umano" by A. Bausani
- download (143K)

2) "Una rosa d'oriente" by Alessandro Bausani
- download (63K)