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Prof. Pier Franco Bertazzini

I have a profound, touching memory of Augusto Robiati, known at Monza, through the Circle, in the early eighties.
The space allowed impedes me to analyze the writer, the essayist, the lecturer, the philosopher, the religion expert, the poet, well, the man of culture.
All I can say is that I had the pleasure and honour of being invited by him to present to a packed Sala Maddalena two of his publications, excellent on a formal level, but above all profound, documented and winning in its contents, rich in analytic and comparative notes on religions and finalized to highlight and oppose the evil that afflicts mankind. "Gli otto veli" and "Uomo svegliati"are for me, apart from other elements of judgement, works embellished by a veil of serene spirituality.
It pleases me immensely to remember the man: the Bahà'ì faith, that he professed with profound conviction, had formed the mind and heart, turning him into an operator of peace, a messenger of the truth and justice for a humanity fraternally illuminated by love.
Pier Franco Bertazzini
Professor Pier Franco Bertazzini lives in Monza.

He was mayor of this famous and beautiful city of Monza, Assessor of the Arts, President of the high schools of Monza. He has held the position of director of the Oxford Institute. Now he is an art critic and President of the University for the third age in Monza.