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Maria Grazia Robiati Crespi

Augusto Robiati used to acknowledge in his books the persons that, in one way or another, had collaborated with him, by giving precious suggestions, going over the text from a linguistic point of view, he himself having done technical studies. At the end you can read: " Thanks to my daughter Maria Grazia for the numerous typing of the manuscript".

I'll present myself: I am that Maria Grazia who played the role of his secretary for several years. Apart from the books, father wrote many, many letters to journalists and men of culture and many newspaper articles: he would pass me the rough copies and often he would read them to me before asking me to type them up, just to have my "That's fine" and I felt proud because usually he accepted my observations. In my father's archives there is a file of letters sent to personalities of culture, politics and the religious world with the corresponding replies which, according to me, represent a heritage of great cultural interest.

I have had many interesting opportunities to travel with my father and I remember the last presentation of his book "Ricordi, Immagini, Pensieri" in Bucchianico (CH) where Tinari publishers took care of the graphics, the print and presented him by professor Michele Ursini.

It was through my father that I came to know the "Circle of Poets and Artists of Monza and Brianza" directed by the poetess Maria Organtini because that was the year that father presented his book "Gli Otto Veli" to Professor Pier Franco Bertazzini and from 1991 I became part of the Board of Directors as the person responsible for the music section and still am today.

It is to my father that I owe for my passion for music. When we children were little and living in Asmara (Eritrea) he got us to listen to all sorts of music from classical to jazz, from popular music to Neapolitan, and he introduced us to musical instruments; my sister Anna Maria and me to the piano and Vittorio to the violin.

I remember him saying that no other art enobles and idealizes like music and that I should abandon myself to the listening as I would to the flattery of a lover. He was right and, more than ever, as an adult, can I say that music penetrates within us, awakens memories, revives hope, intoxicates and thrills.

When father joined the Bahà'ì Community he would often recite to me: "With music we have made a ladder for souls to reach the kingdom of the heavens…"

Since he has passed on, I often listen to the musical pieces he enjoyed _ Nocturnes by Chopin, Schubert's Unfinished Symphony - and closing my eyes I have the sensation of actually being on that ladder and as I go up I perceive in my heart all his love.

It is like a visible, strong link that connects me with him and his 'world'. I will never forget when he told me that music accompanies us in all life's events and man must always turn to it when he wants to augment pleasure or dull grief.

Maria Grazia was born in Eritrea where she completed her studies.

She returned to Italy in 1962.

She now lives in Monza. She worked for many years as a company secretary and then dedicated her time to her family. She married Marco Crespi, chemist and pharmacologist. They have brought up superbly two children Roberto and Daniela.


Maria Grazia Robiati Augusta Falquier Ettore Sarrubbi