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Ranzie Mensah

Augusto met Ranzie in Italy after her arrival from Ghana during the 90's and became her friend.
Ranzie shares the Faith with Augusto and so their relationship became so profound that she came to Monza on the occasion of the presentations at the Circle of Poets of Monza and Brianza of some of Augusto's books and she enlightened the present with a marvellous concert.
Princess of the Fanti population in Ghana, RANZIE started her career very young. Her father, a lecturer of music, pianist, researcher, one of the most important ethnomusicologists in the African continent; it is thanks to his detailed work the discovery of a population through musical notes. Her mother, a singer - Ranzie grew in a world of music.

She has made various recordings, among which THE MUSIC OF THE MOUNTAIN, presented by RAI UNO INTERNATIONAL and AMAZING GRACE presented on the cover of the magazine FEDELTA DEL SUONO.

"Ranzie never 'sings' or'executes' but interprets, each time enriching 'her' music with a thousand different tones…." Francesco Pesavento (Fedeltà del Suono).
So many concerts in the African Continent, Europe and finally in Italy: the show in Turin in Piazza San Carlo with MIRIAM MAKEBA with an audience of 20,000 persons, the Festival in San Severino Marche with PAT METHENEY, JIMMY CLIFF, GILBERTO GIL, the concert at the Lauro Rossi Theatre in Macerata, the recital at the Regio Theatre in Parma and in Reggia of Caserta.
RANZIE has also dealt with the translation of the autobiography of MIRIAM MAKEBA from English into French. In 1995 she was invited to sing on the occasion of the World Summit of the Heads of State on the Social Development in Copenhagen and at the one on the environment in Berlin.
She has held a recital at Riccione with ENZO JANNACCI on the occasion of the assignments of the journalistic awards entitled ILARIA ALPI.

In 1998 and 1999 she attracted to the Théàtre de la Mutualité in Paris more than 2,000 persons to applaud her. She has been a guest on television programmes for RAI UNO and RAI TRE and for the MAURIZIO COSTANZO SHOW and the TAPPETO VOLANTE on TMC.

In 1999, Ranzie held a concert in the elegant city theatre in Ferrara where CLAUDIO ABBADO, a concert artist, opens the season every year…., The theatre was packed and at the end of the concert a 1,000 persons applauded for 10 minutes.
In April 2000 in Livorno, RANZIE sang with the songwriter RON on occasion of a day entitled "I HAVE A DREAM"of Martin Luther King, for an audience of over 2000 persons.
RANZIE has sung at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany in September for 10 consecutive days. She received newspaper reviews and transmissions on the German national television.
"An angel with dark skin has come to Ascoli to bring into the splendid setting of the Cathedral her message of solidarityand hope…The overpowering princess overwhelmed her public with deeply significant songs. In concert she gave to everyone two hours of pure enjoyment; even the bishop was enraptured by the princess's overwhelming happiness following the rhythm of the songs …"Alessandra de Bari (Il Messaggero)

In October 2001, RANZIE started a tournée of concerts in Canada and the United States in the cities of Victoria (British Columbia), Vancouver, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego

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