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Alfredo Speranza

Augusto met Alfredo Speranza at the end of the 70's during a conference organized by the Bahà'ì community of San Marino where the Maestro had been invited to play.
From that moment a beautiful personal relationship and Faith was born lasting up to the passing on of Augusto.
During a concert held in Monza in the memory of Augusto 7th February 2003, Alfredo played a piece he had recently composed with the title "poem to the Friend".
The photograph shows Maestro Alfredo Speranza.


Alfredo Speranza is one of the last representatives of the romantic tradition of pianist-composer and teacher who found his representative figures in Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Albeniz up to the mid-1900's with Rachmaninoff.
Speranza was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) 8th January 1930 and since 1983 has Italian citizenship.
He founded a music school for piano in 1959 in Rimini (his city of residence) awarding diplomas to 72 students and winning more than 110 national and international contests.
Speranza, who was a student of Gieseking-Zecchi and Marcelle Meyer, studied in Uruguay with Maestro Baranda Reyes then a student of Josè Iturbi. He has executed more than 2,900 concerts all over the world (Carnegie Hall in New York, Mozarteum in Salzburg-Salle, Pleyel in Paris, Piccola Scala in Milan, Royal College in Vancouver) during his 65 years of music career since he held his first concert in November 1937 in Buenos Aires.
He holds courses of specialization in various cities in Europe and America, and recently in Vancouver (Canada), Geneva, Horn in Vienna (Allegro Vivo Festival) and Misano Adriatic (Rimini).
In April '99, during a solemn ceremony, he was awarded the "Honorary Citizenship" of the city of Rimini together with Filiberto Dasi founder of the Pio Manzù.
He records for the "DME Master" and all his piano works are edited by the Edizioni Musicali Bérben of Ancona. The Institute Governing Board of Editors with the International Directory of Distinguished - Leadership conferred on him in the U.S.A. a nomination to include the biography of the Maestro in the dictionary "Millennium Editor 2000" dedicated to the greatest figures in Politics, Science and Art.
In June 2001 the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge nominated him the man of the year for his capacities as a teacher and composer.