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Vittorio Robiati

He was born in Eritrea during the second world war. After a carefree youth spent in Asmara where he went to Comboni College - an Oxford school - run by the fathers of the Combonian order, followed by the Vittorio Bottego Institute to then complete his studies at the Cattaneo of Milan after his return to Italy in 1961 where he gained his diploma in geometry.

When he lived in Eritrea he was a cycling enthusiast and managed to win a good number of races in the under 18's and beginners' categories.

Having finished his studies and carried out his military service, his business trips abroad started with important National Construction Firms.
And so this was the beginning of a wandering that took him around the world.
He directed the construction of great works of engineering - mainly hydroelectric plants - in many countries such as Zambia, Namibia, Saud Arabia, Cameroun, the Mauritius Islands, Colombia, Nepal, Italy, etc.
His relationship with his father was very strong. Augusto had always been a great example in life not easy to emulate. Vittorio prays God that from the Kingdom where he is, Augusto tends a protective hand over him and his family.

Vittorio married Jannette Mc Gillivray, a Scottish girl that he met in Zambia where she was working as a nurse and now does voluntary work in an institute for terminal illnesses. Their two splendid daughters Nicole Alison and Louise Amy live in England. Vittorio and Jannette always remember with great love and affection their daughter Emma Jane who died prematurely.
Vittorio Robiati now travels around Italy and the world to carry out presentations on themes that have to do with man and humanity.


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